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The Harmonic Analyzer Pattern Scan revolutionary Harmonic Pattern matching and visualization of Fibonacci retracements/projections, AB=CDs, Gartleys, Butterflies, Crabs and Bats.
  • What should I scan?:  The HA allows the user to scan for a multitude of Fibonacci ratios and pattern combinations.  The beauty of the program is that the scan filters can specify exact ratios for each point within a pattern and  generate match lists based on those precise conditions.  The HA can scan for user-defined ratios and patterns separately or in combinations.

  • How do I save pre-set filters for a scan?:  The HA can save different filter lists to create separate scans based on the user's preference.  Go to TOOLS, select HARMONIC ANALYZER.  Once the HA Scan is open, select the EDIT button, which will open the filter list.  After the filter list is open, select the MATCH LIST tab to choose various Fibonacci and pattern specifications.  After you are finished choosing the pattern preferences, select OK at bottom of the filter list page.  This will prompt the user to save the change preferences as a new list.  Follow this procedure and resave the match list as a different name each time to create new lists.  There are several others tabs that allow the user to specify MAX # MATCHES, TIMESCALE, BULLISH/BEARISH, MATCH WIDTH, MAX % PRZ SPREAD, PRZ, ADVANCED and INDICATOR FILTERS.

  • Why so many matches?  The HA possesses such a wide variety of pattern match capabilities that it frequently generates a large number of matches.  This is due to scanning for a large number of stocks, as well as not filtering HA Scans.  

  • What are the most important matches?:  Typically, the first match for a symbol is the most significant.  However, pattern matches should be considered more significant than simple ratio matches.  

  • How frequently should I run a scan?:  Depending upon the time frame, an end-of-day trader may scan once a day, while an intraday trader may run several scans throughout the day.


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