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The HA Data folder is the main folder typically located on your C: Drive that contains all of the important files related to the software, including your ha.inf, ha.log and all data files downloaded by the program. 

Here are a few issues to be aware of regarding your HA Data folder:

  • Location:  The ha Data folder is usually located in the C: hard drive.  It frequently is listed as a subfolder of the "Documents and Settings" folder and can be found at this location:  C://DocumentsandSettings/HAData

  • Editing Symbols:  Downloaded symbols can be removed by deleting all relevant files located in the HA Data folder. 

  • Ha Data Folder Files

  • ha.inf = An information file required for the activation license.  In the event that certain installations are not executed properly, this file might be needed by HA_Support to generate an activation license.

  • ha.log = A log file that acts as a record of software operation, including installation, licensing and data download information.  n the event that certain software functions are executed properly, this file might be needed by HA_Support to diagnose the issue

  • .ta and .act = The are 2 types of data files generated in the ha data folder to tore and update historical data.


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